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Mortal Kombat X - Update v.20150506 (RUS/ENG/MULTi8) - RELOADED

Mortal Kombat X - Update v.20150506 (RUS/ENG/MULTi8) - RELOADED
Год выпуска: 2015
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, MULTi15
Версия: Update.v20150506
Релиз-группа: RELOADED
Требуемая версия: Mortal Kombat X - Update v.20150425 (RUS/ENG/MULTi8) - RELOADED

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Список изменений
We are now posting the Jason Patch. It includes all of the previous fixes, as well as a new fix for the Save Data Loss. It will no longer wipe progress.

5/5 Update

Today we are posting a new patch for the early access release of Jason Voorhees to Kombat Pack owners. The patch will also address the following for all users:

-Added the free Klassic Sub-Zero costume.
-Display drivers should no longer crash during online play.
-A crash will no longer occur after a full rotation of players in the lobby during Round Robin matches.
-Fixed a crash that some users experienced during the first QTE in the story.
-Game no longer crashes when players attempt to join a game through Steam or in a room.
-Fixed startup crash on high end systems (those with > 8 cores).
-Fixed a crash that would occur during recorded match playback.
-Save data safety check to try to eliminate save data loss.
-Fix to prevent save game data from being corrupted while closing the game.
-Walk away animations now appear at the end of the character selection process.
-The levers in Shao Khan's Tomb will now activate.
-Shinnok's Flick Trick Fatality no longer experiences a significant framerate drop.
-Functionality is no longer lost while watching a match replay.
-Pre-game lobbies will populate 10 players into Faction Battle matches.
-Kombat Kards will now display correct Icons, Backgrounds, and Borders in a KOTH match.
-Fatality inputs no longer change into QTE inputs during in Online Tower Battles.
-Game no longer desynchronizes when a player selects a character that their opponent has not unlocked.
-D'Vorah's cape no longer moves when she's killed.
-Game no longer freezes when opponent in online closes the game.
-Title remains responsive while story cinematics are loading.
-Fixed leaderboards and kombat kards not updating past the top players.
-After entering Replays with the controller the Player can use the keyboard when watching a replay from an online match.
-Loading screens now display before progress bar fills up.
-Diagonal arrows are shown instead of keys when Alternate Control is enabled.
-Sometimes saving a Custom1 preset displayed as being saved for Custom1-4 in the character select and pause menu controls screens.
-The UI arrows will now switch sides on a tagged move when the character switched position with his opponent.
-Chat room names will now display properly (instead of SteamIDs.)
-Fixed input callouts when switching between keyboard and USB controller after entering a KOTH match.
-Additional graphical fidelity options.
· General Matchmaking improvements.
· Performance improvements
· Improved online stability
· Multiplayer invite improvements
· Gameplay fixes and balancing
· Various Kombat Kard fixes
· WB Play fixes
· General bug fixes
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